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March 24, 2010

Jihad Comes to the Easter Egg

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It appears that the humble Easter Egg has fallen prey to the political machinations of the Washington beltway. In a CNS news report, Mayor Fenty and D.C. Public School Chancellor Michelle Rhee accepted 3,000 reserved tickets in an Easter basket from Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The Hussein Obama administration announced on Tuesday it has reserved 3,000 free tickets to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll for students in D.C.-area public and charter schools, but not for children who attend private or parochial schools. Incredible!

The history of this honored tradition reaches back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes opened up the Whitehouse lawn for this annual event. Hayes let it be known that neighborhood children could gather on the White House lawn to play Easter games after Congress banned the youngsters from the grounds of the Capitol. Why would the Hussein Obama Administration specifically exclude kids in private schools and/or are home-schooled? Are they not part of the greater “public?” Are some of them not neighbors? When asked, administration officials either don’t have an answer or point to the lottery system available for “everybody else.” Could it have something to do with power, dependence and control?

This decision by the Hussein Obama Administration clearly demonstrates the two-party system that America has become: especially today, we have subsidies for the rich and powerful and then we have free enterprise for the poor. If you’re part of the political machinery, you’re eligible for a reserved ticket; if not, you’re on your own. Is not the president the president of all the kids in D.C.? Are not all these kids part of his neighborhood? Maybe it’s because they’re viewed as future tax-payers rather than citizens.

This year’s theme – “Ready, Set, Go!” – is intended to promote health and wellness. What happened to the religious and cultural roots of the Easter Egg? The easter egg was used to symbolize and celebrate new life. It had a religious undercurrent and overtones. It had spiritual roots and a rich legacy. But to politicize it to promote health and wellness is like encouraging folks to wear shorts and play a boombox on a journey to Mecca.

We’re told that the event will feature live music, sports courts, storytelling, egg rolling—and cooking stations. I can’t wait to see what stories are told.


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