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April 29, 2012

How Far We Have Come — Or Not



“Facts are Stubborn Things” – John Adams

What follows is a verbatim copy of an 8th grade test from 1954.  It is a test on the US Constitution. The teacher’s name is  Mrs. Mildred Niemiec and the student’s name is Kenny Hignite.  Here’s a Photostat copy.  Kenny did well; he score a 98.5%.  Can your 8th grade student/child do this well?  Is this material even being taught in your child’s school? High School? College?

1.-20. List the cabinet positions and the people who hold these positions at the present time.

20.-29.  Give the names of the justices of the Supreme Court

30.-51.  Tell the Provisions of each of the amendments to the Constitution.

52.       What is the Bill of Rights? ____________________ ____________________

53.       Who is the President of the U.S.? ____________________ ____________________

54.       Who is the Vice Vice-President of the U.S.? ____________________ ____________________

55.       What is an unwritten law? ____________________ ____________________

57.       Two things necessary to any good government are? ____________________ ____________________

58.       The plan of government for the U.S. is the? ____________________

59.       A constitutional law is? ____________________

60.       An unconstitutional law is? ____________________

61.       A law is declared unconstitutional by the? ____________________

62.       The President chooses a cabinet in order to? ____________________

63.       The Constitution grants all lawmaking powers to? ____________________

64.-65. The two houses of Congress are? ____________________

66.       The Constitution established two houses of Congress because? ____________________

67.       The number of representatives from each state is determined by? ____________________

68.       The Speaker of the House is? ____________________

69.       The number of Senators from each state is? ____________________

70.       A Senator is elected for? ____________________

71.       The presiding officer of the Senate is? ____________________

72.       The Vice-President does not have a vote in the Senate unless? ____________________

73.       A president pro tempore is? ____________________

74.       The life of each Congress is? ____________________

75.       Congress convenes in regular session on ? ____________________

76.       The President may call Congress into a special session? ____________________

77.       The power to enforce the laws is given to ? ____________________

78.       The President’s term of office is? ____________________

79.       If a President dies, he is succeeded by? ____________________

80.       The President must be a _______________ citizen.

81.       How old must a President be? ____________________

82.       The oath of office is administered to the President by ? ____________________

83.       The President takes office on? ____________________

84.       the President can make treaties if ? ____________________

85.       The highest law of the land is ? ____________________

86.       The Supreme Court may annul laws ? ____________________

87.       A quorum in Congress is? ____________________

88.       A filibuster is? ____________________

89.       The number of Supreme Court justices is? ____________________

90.       A writ of habeas corpus is? ____________________

91.       A bill of attainder is? ____________________

92.       An ex post facto law is? ____________________

93.       A reprieve is? ____________________

94.       A pardon is? ____________________

95.       Who regulates inter-state commerce? ____________________

96.       What is naturalization? ____________________

97.       What is piracy? ____________________

98.       Does a dictator consider the welfare of the people? ____________________

99.       Can a government function without the power to raise money? ____________________

100.    Do wealth and power alone make a nation happy? ____________________

Extra Credit:   Write the Preamble to the Constitution

How did you do?  How are your kids doing? Isn’t it about time we demand academics and not training?  If your school can’t/won’t, find one that will.  Hurry!


April 27, 2012

Farm-Ruling See-Saw by Obama Administration

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In this short piece, the Department of Labor has apparently withdrawn its efforts to extend child labor regulations onto the American farm… at least for now.  Admittedly, the see-saw by Secretary Solis and Mr. Obama is due in no small part to the news going “viral” via the Internet, a medium and media Mr. Obama does not yet control.  But one still has to wonder why? Why American small farms?  Why these youths?  And why the see-saw now, in a pre-election period?

This political teeter-totter is an odd duck, but not new to this administration. The unambiguous voices of Americans rose up and said “no” once the news got out.  But why back down now if it was important enough to bring up in the first place?  Didn’t they consult with farm folks before even suggesting such regulations?  Didn’t they measure the response before issuing this edict?  Apparently not.  Was that simple oversight or an attempt to sneak something through before folks found out about it… just because they thought they could?

But what was the need in the first place?  Are these kids missing school?  Apparently not.  In fact, they’re probably among the better achieving students in America’s schools.  Early-to-bed, early-to-rise seems to work!   Are these kids missing toes?  Apparently not.  In their own reporting, the government noted a substantial drop in injuries due to farm accidents between 2001 and 2009.  But they did note the need for “federal oversight.”  They wanted to replace the FFA and 4H safety programs with a required federal version.  The local programs were obviously working.  And the government wanted to replace them with…?  That’s like asking the US Postal Service to help Fed Ex out of a jam.

I’m reminded of something Ayn Rand once quoted in Atlas Shrugged. “There’s no way to rule innocent men.  The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.  Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.  One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws.”

Part of the iconic American dream was saved this time.  But these are pre-election days and votes count.  Without the constraint of an election, however, who’s to say what kind of wedge might be driven into the heart of the American family.

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