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July 8, 2012

Taxed for Naught

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A new world has just opened up: Taxes on what you DON’T  do.  My God, the possibilities are endless. They are also chilling.   For instance:

  • A tax for NOT voting for a particular politico. Oops, sorry. We’re already doing that.  This Pay-to-Play tax was perfected by Grey Davis in California and Barry-Barrack Hussein Soetoro-Obama in Washington.
  • A tax for Not attending the government/union schools.  Oops, sorry.  Despite a law to the contrary, parents who opt to send their kids to a private school or home-school, are still taxed for not attending the union schools.
  • A tax for NOT having health insurance.  Oops, sorry.  This is the most recent iteration of this bizarre, fascist procedure.
  • A tax for NOT failing.  That one’s called the Capital Gains Tax. Or the “Luxury Tax.”
  • A tax for NOT living.  This sometimes called the “death tax” or the Inheritance Tax.
  • A tax for Not catching fish.  The tax is for “fishing,” not catching.
  • A tax for NOT being efficient.  It’s called the “Gas Guzzler” tax.
  • A tax for NOT walking.  It’s called the “Gasoline Tax.”
  • A tax for being too old.  The U.S. “generation-skipping transfer tax” imposes a tax on both outright gifts and transfers in trust to or for the benefit of unrelated persons who are more than 37.5 years younger than the donor or to related persons more than one generation younger than the donor, such as grandchildren.
  • A tax for not being selfish.  It’s call the “gift tax.”
  • A tax for the failure to sell.  It’s called the “inventory tax.”
  • A tax for NOT remaining single.  It’s called the “marriage tax.”
  • A tax for NOT being homeless.  It’s called “property taxes.”
  • A tax for NOT staying stupid.  It’s called “the school tax.”
  • A tax for NOT polluting lakes, streams and rivers.  It’s called the “septic tank tax.”
  • A tax for NOT being lazy, independently wealthy or a politician.  It’s called “Social Security.”
  • A tax on NOT being ill or NOT having an accident.  It’s the “Emergency Telephone 911 system fee tax.”
  • A tax to protect all the industries we used to have.  It’s called “Tarrifs” or “Import Taxes.”
  • An occasional simply political tax for not keeping quiet. It’s called the “Federal telephone excise tax.”
  • A tax for NOT talking enough.  It’s called the Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax.”
  • A tax for NOT using kerosene lamps, using an out-house, or a wood stove.  It’s call the “utility user’s tax.”
  • A tax for NOT using public water supplies.  It’s called a “Well Permit tax.”

I found myself over-taxed by the task at hand.  The more I researched, the more I found that we were already being taxed for NOT DOING a lot of things.  But the whole exercise was taxing my patience.

We seem to have it all backwards in America.  We should be charged for what we do, not NOT do.  With that in mind, let’s simplify.  Get rid of all taxes, federal and state.  All of them.  Then have a tax not on naught, but a tax on what one purchases. Not a tax on what you make, but on what you spend.  No tax brackets.  That’s all.  If you buy it, there’s a tax on that transaction.  If you don’t, there’s no tax at all. How about having all government agencies pay taxes on their purchases as well? The party-favors from the recent GSA “parties” would lower the national debt considerably.


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