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October 31, 2012

Who would want the Ambassador dead?


“I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.” – Winston Churchill 

Benghazi is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.  But there are facts and there is a key.

Four very brave Americans died in Libya.

The enigma includes the painted confusion of various media reports, accusations and denials of who said what, when, where, and how.  High-ranking government officials were watching a live-feed real-time transmission of the events that killed these fine citizens—for up to nine hours! Help was just down the road.  There were enough troops and fire-power to takeout the entire city.  An armed drone might even have been air-born at the time.  But they never got the go-ahead to help.  They were told to “Stand Down.”  That literally means, “Sit down and shut up.”  (The last time I remember such an order to CIA operatives was in Dallas Texas in November of 1963.) A navy vice admiral and Army General were relieved of duty for attempting to help the besieged embassy staff.  Cries for help went out months before, days before and during the heat of battle—at least three times.  Help was watching but help didn’t come. Why?  It’s almost as if it was planned that way.

The shroud of mystery grows with every passing moment because we are all awash in the political double-speak, spin, deceit and lies; not once or twice, but for weeks.  There was even an apology by President Hussein Obama to Libya.  For what?  Even Secretary Clinton promises to the parents of one slain hero, “We’ll get that guy who made that video.”  But what drives the mystery deeper is now the silence.  A new “iron curtain” of silence exists between American citizens and Barrack Obama (and by extension, his entire administration).  Film-film, who has the film?  Forget the film. Whistle-blowers are being penalized and punished for telling the truth and living up to their oath to defend the Constitution from all assaults, foreign and now domestic.  But Americans have died and no one helped.  Maybe the real terrorist wasn’t foreign at all.  Maybe he was domestic.  Why did they ignore the warnings and the pleas?  Why were soldiers told to stand down?  Why did they lie about it when everything seemed to go so wrong?  Why try to hide an attack inside a protest (that’s like trying to hide an elephant inside a mouse).  What’s the truth?  It was planned, but by whom.

The riddle, however, is simple, just like the truth. And there is a key.  We need to step outside the box the media and government has given us to argue and believe, hopefully to contain our minds and our souls, and ask a simple question.  It’s unfortunate, depressing and seemingly harsh, but we do have to ask a very earnest question that nobody’s asking, “ Is there someone who wanted Ambassador Stevens dead?”

Speculation abounds that the ambassador’s death was in retribution for Obama’s previous bombing attack in which Libyan nationals and others were killed from a distance.  This illegal and unauthorized war may have precipitated more hatred for America (and by inclusion, hatred of Barrack Hussein Obama), but I don’t believe it was the reason for the firefight at the Embassy.  You see, the embassy attack was organized, planned and executed at a specific target.

The types of weapons used (mortars, grenade launchers, etc.) are not the typical scoot and shoot weapons that one sees in the movies.  One doesn’t just run in, prop up a mortar or grenade launcher like you would a shoulder-mounted bazooka of WWII vintage or its modern derivative, the RPG.  In order for mortar fire to be as accurate as the one at Benghazi, one has to determine range and distance equivalents in advance.  The evidence suggests that the shots fired at the embassy were dead-on in more ways than one.  This accuracy was neither happenstance nor accidental luck in the heat of battle.  The sites and geometry of these attacks had to be established, probably 24 hours earlier.  In other words, there was intelligence involved and planning.  We have the where, how and some of the who.  But why now?

Who else might want the ambassador dead?

It sure looks like this is another “Fast and Furious” deal that went bad.  And the Ambassador was duped, hung out to dry and was killed.  God Rest His Soul.

Why?  In a passion to prove one’s ego in the land of his people, Obama’s administration had the Ambassador broker a gun-running operation with supposed-Libyans in BO’s desire to take out Gadaffi.  After all, “he” took out Bin Laden in May.  Here’s a potential second feather in his cap.  Guns were supplied by the US (who else) and Gadaffi was killed (October).  But this “operation” wasn’t the spontaneous uprising of Libyan nationals wanting their country back to secure Democracy.  Just like Benghazi, this was a planned, intelligent attack by none other than Al Qaeda. Last time I looked, Al Qaeda is the very reason over 100,000 troops are fighting there.  But we decide to give them weapons.  Sound familiar?   Here’s where “Fast and Furious” became “Fear and Feckless.”

Instead of those same weapons staying in the hands of these “freedom loving Libyans,” they disappear—just like in Arizona.  They wind up on a ship going to Syria, but not directly.  This ship was heading for Turkey.  That way they could slip this armament to their friends for yet another “spontaneous demonstration” – this time from both ends of Israel.  But I think something went wrong in the process.

Maybe Ambassador Stevens found out about the Al Qaeda connection and wanted to put an end to this.  Maybe he found out that the weapons were on their way to Syria via Turkey.  Maybe that’s why he and the Turkish Ambassador were meeting in that hot spot and on such a perilous date.  Maybe Stevens wanted to short-circuit the delivery.  It was urgent that he speak to the representative of the people of Turkey. “Hell is coming and I’m afraid I sent them.”

It’s conceivable that the planned exchange was recorded.  Folks knew in advance where Stevens would be.  Folks knew to wait for Turkey’s emissary to leave (a hit with them together would make an obvious link for a few true news organizations).  It Stevens meets with the emissary and this is the story he tells, then it will get out that the US is responsible not just for the chaos in Libya, but not Syria, soon to be Lebanon and God knows where else.  The link to Washington has to be broken.

The key is this: the Ambassador and three other heroic Americans are dead.  Who wanted him/them dead?

 “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”    Barrack Obama, Audacity of Hope


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