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December 4, 2012

Where’s the budget?

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Forget the so-called “fiscal cliff.”  Forget sequestration.  Forget the media-attention-getting animosities of congressional debates.  Forget the political-correctness drivel oozing from the lips of the Pharoah.  How in the world can anyone consider a “plan” for the future without knowing the reality of today?  How in the world can you plan your time and your resources without knowing what’s in the bank?  Simply said, “You can’t.”  So the realquestion, Mr. Soetoro/Obama is, “Where’s the budget?”

Now we all know that the big BO will obfuscate, suborn, jive and shuffle his way out of this budget thing by noting that there is nothing in the
Constitution that requires him to provide one. Actually, he’s correct there (and that’s a first!).  Seemingly, then, he’s off the hook and off to the races with our credit card.  His behavior and that of his wife, let alone all his czars, remind me of a newly-minted adolescent, recently free from the bondage

of home, family, and parental guidance, free to explore the world at whim, and possessing a credit card for the first time.  But the problem is that the citizens of the US are the co-signers on that card.  He might wind up in Hawaii, living the life of Soetoro, but the rest of 


us will still be down on thefarm, slaving to pay off the debt incurred in his reckless pursuit of narcissistic dreams of power and pleasure.  Ain’t freedom wonderful?

But he cannot ignore six laws of the land which do apply:

  1. Budget and Accounting Act.
  2. Congressional Budget Act.
  3. Antideficiency Act.
  4. Impoundment Control Act.
  5. Government Performance and Results Act.
  6. Federal Credit Reform Act.

If BO doesn’t first provide a budget proposal to Congress, fire him.  If Congress (the Senate) doesn’t enact a budget, fire them.  If leadership cannot adhere to the will of the people, fire them.

A contemporary  comedian once noted that the most sacred document in any home is the checkbook.  It tells what you’ll do withten dollars and what
you’ll do for ten dollars.

Transparency demands that we have a budget.

Change demands that we have a budget, one in which we can all live.

Hope demands that we have a budget.

Let’s get with the program or throw the bums out.



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