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September 28, 2012

Michelle Obama’s Food War Should Start in the Teacher’s Lounge

The recent hoopla over Michelle’s Obama’s campaign about school lunches is an appropriate response to a failed attempt to inflict hypocritical expectations on a captive audience (the students).  She should have started in the teacher’s lounge.

Schools are supposed to be places of learning.  That’s what’s advertised.  After all, “it’s for the children.”  But the curricular mush that’s offered in today’s government/union schools is a far cry from the great notions once taught about the wonders of Western Civilization.  These schools seem to spend most of their time on politically-correct issues that decry the fundamentals like reading, writing and arithmetic.  If they did spend their time with those fundamentals, the national test scores would reflect it.  As it is, current testing shows a demonstrable failure.  And it’s getting worse.  Kids get “A’s” in feeling good and political naiveté, but they still can’t read at the 12th grade level.

The best way to influence character is to demonstrate it, model it and teach common sense. But as Voltaire once said, “Common sense is the least common of all the senses.”

Obesity is a problem in America.  But the cause is not the school lunch program.  It’s the very culture that is promoted in schools to begin with.  Have you noticed your child’s “physical education” programs recently?  Only two years of a four-year curriculum are required.  Sports participating can be used in lieu of any PE requirements.  But that’s sports.  Students can take a six week course during the summer to offset requirements during the (10 month) school year.  Options out.  Options out.  Options out.  The curriculum just doesn’t cut it either.  If you keep giving students excuses and opt-outs, no wonder they wonder

There’s a culture on which focus needs attention.  In schools, that culture starts with the example provided by the instructors.  If students see you lie, they lie.  If students witness cheating and fraud, they learn that it’s ok as long as you don’t get caught.  When they witness adults defaming one another, students learn that it’s ok to slam another with no repercussions.  And they surely see a lot of that on most of the media today.   And it comes from the top down.  Case in point: seventeen teachers and administrators were caught red-handed changing test scores in order to falsify gains made.  What happened to them?  Nothing.  Did they loose their teaching licenses and pensions?  No.   What’s a student to do?

When the government instituted the famous D.A.R.E. programs, they also instituted the now infamous Drug-Free Schools campaign.  It was simple: no drugs are allowed on this campus.  It made sense.  It seemed simple enough.  But did it apply to the caffeine-laden Pepsi’s and Coke’s, coffee, tea or cigarettes in the teacher’s lounge?  Of course not.  “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Now Michelle Obama wants to impose standards to the kids that don’t apply to the teachers.  Note the picture of the recent teacher’s strike in Chicago.  The teachers’ union should impose regulations about the health and well-being of their teachers BEFORE they preach to the students.  Ben Franklin once wrote, “A good example is the best sermon.


Public schools become abortion mills

It has been reported in several sources that at least 13 New York City schools are now in the abortion business.  It seems that Planned Parenthood has its dream come true. They’ve gotten to kids as young as 13 and provided them with the means to kill their own offspring.  And they can do all this without their parents’ knowledge and/or permission.

Some New York City schools are providing their student-wards with morning-after contraceptives. This euphemistic descriptor really means that the pill provided destroys any possible human embryo within 72 hours of sexual intercourse.  Imagine that: 13 year olds having sex outside of marriage.  But the school condones this behavior.

If a parent sent aspirin to the school for a child to take during the day, the school would require a signed note from the parent and, in some cases, a signed note from the child’s physician. The school even needs a signed parental permission slip for a so-called field trip. It seems the school cannot act in loco parentis without a parent’s signature in these cases.  And, yet, these same children are being taught that it’s ok to commit murder on their unborn child and they don’t need to tell mom and pop.  How low you can go.

The school folks say it’s part of an integrated Health program.  Since abortion is considered by them to be part of a “health” regimen (it’s not very healthy for the unborn child) it’s natural to include the day-after pills.  All of this falls on the heels of a previous policy to distribute condoms to students; they say that parents can opt-out of this program by signing a form at the beginning of the year.  So, Johnny can’t participate because his parents said “no.” So Johnny asks Juan to get him a couple because Juan’s parents didn’t bother to read or sign the opt-out forms.

School nurses have been given cause to prove inoculations of contraceptive “medications” that last up to 90 days.  Parent permission?  No.  Doctor’s note.  No.  How in the world can a school board justify this Mengele-type experimentation with children?  Have these so-called “health professionals” checked for potential allergic reactions of their wards (students)?  Have they informed their wards of the potential long-term effects of these measures?  What if the suspected pregnancy is the result of rape?  Have they reported child abuse as is required by law?  Their policy seems to be “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  But these are children’s lives.

Condoms and contraception are not the business of the government (union) schools.  Murder should not be part of their curriculum as well.

April 29, 2012

How Far We Have Come — Or Not



“Facts are Stubborn Things” – John Adams

What follows is a verbatim copy of an 8th grade test from 1954.  It is a test on the US Constitution. The teacher’s name is  Mrs. Mildred Niemiec and the student’s name is Kenny Hignite.  Here’s a Photostat copy.  Kenny did well; he score a 98.5%.  Can your 8th grade student/child do this well?  Is this material even being taught in your child’s school? High School? College?

1.-20. List the cabinet positions and the people who hold these positions at the present time.

20.-29.  Give the names of the justices of the Supreme Court

30.-51.  Tell the Provisions of each of the amendments to the Constitution.

52.       What is the Bill of Rights? ____________________ ____________________

53.       Who is the President of the U.S.? ____________________ ____________________

54.       Who is the Vice Vice-President of the U.S.? ____________________ ____________________

55.       What is an unwritten law? ____________________ ____________________

57.       Two things necessary to any good government are? ____________________ ____________________

58.       The plan of government for the U.S. is the? ____________________

59.       A constitutional law is? ____________________

60.       An unconstitutional law is? ____________________

61.       A law is declared unconstitutional by the? ____________________

62.       The President chooses a cabinet in order to? ____________________

63.       The Constitution grants all lawmaking powers to? ____________________

64.-65. The two houses of Congress are? ____________________

66.       The Constitution established two houses of Congress because? ____________________

67.       The number of representatives from each state is determined by? ____________________

68.       The Speaker of the House is? ____________________

69.       The number of Senators from each state is? ____________________

70.       A Senator is elected for? ____________________

71.       The presiding officer of the Senate is? ____________________

72.       The Vice-President does not have a vote in the Senate unless? ____________________

73.       A president pro tempore is? ____________________

74.       The life of each Congress is? ____________________

75.       Congress convenes in regular session on ? ____________________

76.       The President may call Congress into a special session? ____________________

77.       The power to enforce the laws is given to ? ____________________

78.       The President’s term of office is? ____________________

79.       If a President dies, he is succeeded by? ____________________

80.       The President must be a _______________ citizen.

81.       How old must a President be? ____________________

82.       The oath of office is administered to the President by ? ____________________

83.       The President takes office on? ____________________

84.       the President can make treaties if ? ____________________

85.       The highest law of the land is ? ____________________

86.       The Supreme Court may annul laws ? ____________________

87.       A quorum in Congress is? ____________________

88.       A filibuster is? ____________________

89.       The number of Supreme Court justices is? ____________________

90.       A writ of habeas corpus is? ____________________

91.       A bill of attainder is? ____________________

92.       An ex post facto law is? ____________________

93.       A reprieve is? ____________________

94.       A pardon is? ____________________

95.       Who regulates inter-state commerce? ____________________

96.       What is naturalization? ____________________

97.       What is piracy? ____________________

98.       Does a dictator consider the welfare of the people? ____________________

99.       Can a government function without the power to raise money? ____________________

100.    Do wealth and power alone make a nation happy? ____________________

Extra Credit:   Write the Preamble to the Constitution

How did you do?  How are your kids doing? Isn’t it about time we demand academics and not training?  If your school can’t/won’t, find one that will.  Hurry!

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