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December 15, 2012

Evil Came to Connecticut and Into Our World

Evil came to Connecticut and our world yesterday.  Evil and violence killed more than 20 children.  I pray to God for those kids and for their families.  The grief we all feel surpasses the joys associated with this season.  Evil came to Connecticut and to our world.

As tragic as this situation was, as absolutely unfathomable the pain and suffering that comes with the loss of a child, as gut-wrenching our concerns may be, we all need to stop.  We need to mourn, individually and collectively.  We need to account for this loss.  We need to pray to God, however you believe imageshim to be or not.  But this is surely not the time for politics.

But some of our leaders have made it so.

When one consoles another, one comments on the loss, on the evil apparent in the world today, on the tragic shock to all of us—but especially to the parents, and on our prayers of support for the hell through which these families are passing. We offer support and love.

One doesn’t then add that “we’ve all suffered too many of these tragedies,” then list that history and then add, “We need to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics.”

My God, how brazen is this person. Nothing is sacred to him. Not even the lives and deaths of children. Evil came into our world yesterday.


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