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November 14, 2012

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – Saturday Musings

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – Saturday Musings

A house divided cannot stand.  I was reminded of this piece of scripture during the recent election cycle.  All the signs suggest that we are no longer the “united” states of America.  We are the divided states of America.  It reminds me of the folklore about the indian father teaching his son about choice.  He teaches his son that every person has a battle going on inside, one to do the good, one to do evil.  One is hard because it requires one to be brave and often stand alone.  The other is easy because it simply means following the crowd.  But one leads to freedom and the other to slavery.  He explains that one is like the deer and the other is like the wolf.  The young brave asks his father, “Which one wins?”  The father responds, “The one that you feed.”

For me there are three pillars to America: The Constitution, “E Pluribus Unum,” and “In God We Trust.”  These are like the three legs on a milking stool.  When all three are present you cannot fall.  But if one of the legs is missing, you can balance things for a while, but once you tire you fall.  Likewise, with two legs missing, it’s only a matter of time before you collapse to the ground.

The Constitution clearly delineates the three branches of our government (administrative, legislative, and judiciary) and their respective roles and limits.  Those limits have been usurped or ignored. We have an executive making law and enforcing little, a judiciary seeking to rewrite history, and a legislature that fails to represent the people and exercise appropriate authority (such as impeachment).

We have allowed splinter and subversive organizations to dictate to the American people just what “God” means and where and when His name may or may not be proclaimed.  It’s time to buy back that sacred honor and it may require the spilt blood of tyrants and heroes.

Finally, “E Pluribus Unum,” a lowly and simple phrase embossed on the back of every red cent in America, stands for a marvelous worldview: from the many is made one.  In the recent electioneering cycle we all saw both sides to e pluribus unum.  One side said to vote for the “one”—vote for America.  That’s what we all have in common.  Americans don’t have or need hyphenated names.  Honor your roots and heritage, of course, but you are an American now.  That’s what we have in common.  That’s the good we seek.  The other side said “vote for the pluribus”—for the many—vote for the you.  Groups were identified and splintered: Jews and Catholics, men and women, religious and not, southern and northern, old and young, rich and poor, black and white and all shades in between.

One side pushed to help us see the magnificent contribution that each of us makes to the good of the whole.  One side distributed gifts to mark distinctions, separate people and ultimately make slaves—at least of their decisions, if not in fact.

Sandy Aftermath – I wrote earlier about the abominable and absurd actions by union officials in New Jersey turning away volunteered help to assist them in cleanup operations in their state.  Why?  Because they were non-union.  As I noted then, that’s like watching your house burn down and refusing to use your neighbor’s hose because it wasn’t union made.  Like so much of our government, union works have outlived their usefulness and are now toxic to life in America.

Then there’s the case of the volunteers from Tennessee who came to the shores of New Jersey to offer solace, care, food and shelter where they could.  They were turned away.  They were told that there was no place for them to set up. One of those backhoes could have cleared a spot in ten minutes—and people would have been fed.  Was it that these good Samaritans were from a religious organization?   That’s a union with which they’ll eventually have to contend.

Now New York is going to ask the military to help with electrical restoration.  But they’re not union as well.

Louisiana citizens appeal to Secede – That’s right.  The day after the election some citizens from Louisiana got together and started a petition drive to secede from the union—they want to form a government in keeping with the Constitution, obviously not the one they now experience.  They’re not alone.  Texas has tried that—twice… but for different reasons and in different times.  I think we experienced a civil war over this issue once before.  Maybe the south has right reason on their side this time.

In its narcissistic largesse, the Whitehouse (aka: Barry Soetero) added a website to “address” just such movements.  And the Whitehouse defines the rules: there’s a deadline date and there’s a minimum number of signatures necessary.  The clincher is that a signature is not valid without an e-mail address.  And you know what that means with this administration.

Imagine that!  A website where you can address your government on issues of concern.  Wow!

  • What about press conferences that spew out lies, don’t allow non-payola pundits and reporters, or simply don’t allow questions at all?
  • What about all the stone-walling over Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the real reasons why Petraeus was fired, the secret deals with the UN and Iran?

But we have a website now.  Wow!

General Petraeus is fired – You could see this coming a block away, and especially AFTER the election.He’s fired supposedly because of an illicit affair. Imagine that.  General Eisenhower had an affair and he went on to become President of the United States.  J. Edgar Hoover (of FBI fame) practiced a cross-dressing predatory homosexual lifestyle and used his office to mask his secret life, former President Clinton had a calendar of affairs in the White House even as he cried to the American people, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”  He continued in office.  And now we have the Petraeus affair.

Is Obama getting rid of Petraeus the way he got rid of Stevens?  Only this firing cannot be masked by a video or spontaneous demonstration.

Eric Holder fails to disclose his Wife’s abortion clinic – “Fails to disclose” is political double-talk for “he lied.” If this is true, I cannot wait to see what the IRS does about it.  But Eric Holder is the Attorney General.  And his family deals in death.  His wife doesn’t just work there, she’s part owner.  The wife of the attorney general is part-owner in a death factory.  They are dealers in death.  Fast and Furious, then, must not have been a far reach for this Attorney General.  Five will get you ten that there will be more fall out from the IRS than justice.


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