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November 2, 2012

New Jersey Wake Up: Sandy was a non-union Storm

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It’s absolutely stunning to find out that help was refused in New Jersey because they were non-union. Power company officials drove hundreds of miles on their dime to help their neighbors and they were turned away.  I’ve got news for the folks of New Jersey: Sandy was a non-union storm.  She didn’t pick and choose among those on the ground as to whose house should stand or fall. She struck.  But officials in New Jersey are particularly selective about the help that’s offered.  That’s kind of like watching your house burn to the ground because your neighbor’s water hose wasn’t union made.  This pales compared to stupidity.

This does speak to the power of unions and to the idiocy of continuing to allow these non-representative agencies control so much of our lives.

When you are in a position of public trust, such as air traffic controllers, municipal officials, teachers in government schools, fire officials, police, etc., unions should not be involved. Why?  The trust has to be extended to ALL the public, not just some of them.  When you insert a union in the mix, you insert yet another agency between the employees and the people they serve.  And union folks are not elected by the folks-at-large; they only represent certain of the public.  Remember, all these government employees are YOUR employees, not the union’s.  As a citizen you have the authority and should have the power to say “yea” or “nay” to more of them, the quality of their work, and the content of their curriculum.  It’s a government of the people, not the unions.

If the power company unions say “no” to honest offerings of assistance in a catastrophe, what in the world are they dictating to your kids in school?   Think about it.


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